Wholesale weft hair extensions- potential hairstyles for your hair look

For those who are really into hair extensions, they are no longer strange with wholesale weft hair extensions with a wide range of trendy and latest hairstyles for both international and domestic customers. Behind the huge attractions of buyers for wholesale weft hair extensions contains amazing truths during operation of this field with clients. That is the reason we are sharing wholesale weft hair extensions for further information!

The traits of weft hair from wholesale weft hair extensions?

First thing first, we definitely figure out how to differentiate weft hair with others. If clips in hair extensions are applied thanks to the specific clips, weft hair from wholesale weft hair extensions are sewn in a horizontal position of fabric to make a foundation for a bundle of hair extensions. 

There are popular methods offered by wholesale weft hair extensions: hand sewn and machine sewn hair. 

  • Hand sewn: this application absolutely requires meticulous and skillful workers. Without the support of machines, users need to spend more time than ever. If your hair scalp is vulnerable, this way is perfect for you guys to avoid damage level. 
  • Machine sewn hair: compared to the conventional methods of wholesale weft hair extensions, machine weft hair is a promising way for application of this specific hairstyle. Particularly, this manner is deemed as convenient and saves time. Besides, this could boost the hair volume of users as thick as possible 

The hair source of weft hair from wholesale weft hair extensions?

Have you ever been curious about the origin of hair products from wholesale weft hair extensions? Don’t skip us, we will reveal right here with two main hair sources: 

Virgin hair for weft hair

For those who have no idea about virgin hair – one of the leading ingredients of wholesale weft hair extensions, virgin hair is collected in an unique way. For more information, to make sure the perfectionist of cuticle alignment, also lengthen the duration of hair products. 

During gathering this hair material, the origin hair is required to have a daily proper hair care for bouncy and flawless hair. As a result, this is the most expensive hair source in the hair market for hair styles of wholesale weft hair extensions. Don’t be surprised that you are investing into the fancy hairstyles with premium quality for a long- term period of time! 

Remy hair for weft hair

Along with virgin hair during the operation of wholesale weft hair extensions, we can’t miss remy hair in this list. Remy hair has gained popularity of consumers thanks to their prevalence with diversity. Remy hair comes from at least two donors with the difference of hair structures. On the flip side, for the highest performance, wholesale weft hair extensions always highly pay attention to the selection. The truth is to say no with chemical or harsh processes for hair look transformation to bring the satisfaction of customers. This type of hair can be found in almost all hair factories from Vietnam, India, China or so on. Tedhair reviews are now emerging as a good supplier of this hair type.

This hair material is totally suitable for different tastes of buyers thanks to its reasonable prices and easy to find. Each type has its own perks that make sure you figure out the pros and cons of hair source for your deals!

Who is suitable for wholesale weft hair extensions? 

Revenues become the first and foremost thing during the business of wholesale weft hair extensions. In this part, we are clarifying the main market for distributing hair extensions with two major group as below: 

Wholesale weft hair extensions for personal use?

First thing to say, personal customers tend to purchase hair with small quantities of hair items. Thus, they tend to require to get the whole information of their desired hair goods, in terms of the price, the quality and origin of products, how wholesale weft hair extensions to ship goods or sort of like that.

It is better to supply professional and dedicated services. This factor makes a significant impact on the feedback of users and determines whether they could buy back or not. Their deals express the reputation of good quality of wholesale weft hair extensions as much and step by step help them to expand the business in this field.

Wholesale weft hair extensions for salons? 

Hair salons also import hair goods from wholesale weft hair extensions in case sellers could meet their criteria. The hairstyles from hair suppliers are known as the two main purposes: make wings and cater for personal use. Similarly, if the hair products of wholesale weft hair extensions is potential and superior, hair salons absolutely will consider for the long- term partnership, even recommend to other markets. 

It is no strange to base the support of hair salons for application. According to, hair salons also must get a deep understanding about hair knowledge during the process of caring buyers, and also work with wholesale weft hair extensions in a direct way. 

Tips for hair duration of wholesale weft hair extensions!

Customers may feel gratitude and pleased about wholesale weft hair extensions in case their customer service could give them practical guides for maintaining these hairstyles. The details will be mentioned here:

Pick up natural ingredients

We highly recommend using organic ingredients, namely natural shampoo, natural conditioner and hair masks from natural elements as well. Firstly, for shampoo, whatever users need is to remove harsh or paraben, silicon shampoo out of hair care routine on a daily basis to minimize the frizzy, tangled and dry hair after several times. This is also similar to choosing a conditioner for a moisture and hydration supplement. 

Hair masks are the next thing to say for essential nutrients. Instead of using chemical masks in the hair market, if possible, don’t forget to utilize honey, eggs, yogurt, avocado, a collection of oil, and so on to apply your hair and rest the scalp. Be persistent with this tip and wait for the best quality after that. 

Be prone to premium factors

In other words, using silk or satin pillowcase, hair bonnet as typical examples of premium factors during caring hair products from wholesale weft hair extensions. One more thing, let’s bear in mind if you are using hair blowers, flat iron hair, wavy hair, or sort of like that to restyle your hair. We have to admit the amazing uses of these tools in a short time. 

On the flip side, if necessary, make sure your tools have the finest performance to minimize their effect with proper settings. Follow our tips: braiding hair the previous night to create wavy hairstyles, rather than using machines; drying hair with fans or naturally to prevent hair loss. 

Protect hair anytime

The last but not least, the protection for hair extensions of wholesale weft hair extensions all the time. When taking part in outdoor activities with swimming, running or climbing, remember to cover hair with hair bonnets. In order to avoid the significant impact of UV rays, wearing a hat would be a better way.

The more time to take care of hair, the more duration the hair extensions last. As such, users can get the gorgeous and healthy hair extensions look with their constant effort to protect! 

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