Wholesale hair extensions clip in- how to start up for revenues

When it comes to hair look, gorgeous and flowing hair becomes the desired thing for customers all the time. Nowadays, there are a wide range of possible reasons that have a significant impact on the origin of hair. That is why they often base their support of hair extensions for flawless hair without causing risks. One of the most perfect solutions for fine hair or thin hair for a long- term period may be clip in offered from wholesale hair extensions clip in from different regions in the world. To give you a detailed perspective, also the potentiality to become wholesale hair extensions clip in, we encourage all of you guys to follow our content. Let’s go! 

About wholesale hair extensions clip in 

You definitely need to figure out all things about clip in hairstyles, before talking about wholesale hair extensions clip in to make sure you have the ability which clip in is premium or bad.

The traits of hair extensions clip in 

Clip in tends to be attached to microlips with hair strands of users. Instead of using heat or other innovative methods, clip in takes full advantage of specific clip and may remove the risk of affecting customers during use. This is also a unique point for wholesale hair extensions clip in distributing this hair item for buyers all the time. To cater for different tastes of buyers, clip in varies in different lengths, colors, hair materials and so on. 

Regardless of clip in hairstyles, some pros and cons are offered here as below: 

  • Pros:
  • Hassle- free application: requiring easy and simple tool for application of clip in becomes the attractive point talking about these hairstyles from wholesale hair extensions clip- in. 
  • Long duration: according to hair experts, as well as loyal customers of clip- in, this hairstyle tends to last longer, particularly when buyers combine them with a proper hair care. The details will be shared in the next part.
  • Safety: don’t be worried too much about the risk or damage when wearing hair items from wholesale hair extensions clip in. 
  • Cons
  • Say no with short hair: according to wholesale hair extensions clip- in, this hairstyle doesn’t work smoothly for hair length under 7cm. 
  • Not for external activities: users may get into trouble in case they are wearing clip-in for running, swimming, or similar activities. Don’t forget to pay attention to this trait. 
  • The difference of origin for hair extensions clip in

During operation of wholesale hair extensions clip-in, this hair mainly comes from three main types of hair source: 

  • Virgin hair: virgin hair is considered one of the premium qualities for hair extensions generally, and clip in particular. This hair material comes from the only donor to make sure the cuticle alignment is guarantee. Understandably, clips in from virgin hair of wholesale hair extensions clip- in are launched with the high price. 
  • Remy hair: remy hair is one of the most popular hair sources for wholesale hair extensions clip in with a reasonable price. All in all, this type is suitable for most customers within their budget with a good performance. This is also the reason why remy hair is loved by many wholesale hair vendors, including wholesale hair distributors in Ghana, hair factory in China and so on.
  • Non- remy hair: compared to two above hair materials, non- remy hair may be inferior due to the different hair structures from different donors. The inexpensive price with an usual quality is the typical point of non- remy hair. 

How to protect hair from wholesale hair extensions clip in 

From the research of wholesale hair extensions clip in for consumers, we may draw some suggestion for taking care of clip for higher maintenance:

Build up a proper hair care 

Hair care products have a direct impact on the development of hair strands, even original hair or clip in hairstyles. We are discussing shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hairspray or something. Proper criteria imply the ingredients of hair care products. The first and foremost rule to opt for them is natural or organic ingredients, rather than paraben, silicons or other harsh elements.

One more thing, users also need to build up a “proper” frequency for cleaning hair, from twice to three times, depending on your hair conditions. Don’t take this point for granted if you are waiting for a bouncy and healthy hair look. 

Supply nutrients for hair

Protecting hair from inside should be highly recommended. They are proteins, minerals, beneficial acids and something for a complete hair development. Clients can get these essential elements through a wide range of food and fruit.

Along with this, the performance of clip in hair from wholesale hair extensions clip- is definitely boosted with attributes from natural hair masks. Buyers can make use of avocado, olive oil, honey, yogurt, egg, and so on with suitable formulas to get the hydration and moisture for your hair. 

 Protect hair during bedtime 

To maintain the quality of clip-in, according to the advice of customers of wholesale hair extensions clip- in, we  highly need to emphasize on caring for hair during our bedtime. This is the time for hair restoration and smooth development.

Especially, users can wear hair bonnet or head wrap to avoid frizzy or tangled hair due to the effect of our body movement during sleep. Another note is to choose silk or satin pillowcase for damage- free, also a feasible way to rest your hair and keep its duration as well. 

Limit external exposure 

Tell us what you think about style machines or hair blowers? In other words, we call them external exposure. We can’t deny the huge influence of these factors for the look of the clip in. Thereby, one of the common tips from wholesale hair extensions clip in for buyers is to minimize using these styling tools as much as possible.

On the flip side, in some cases, before using hair blowers to dry hair, you need to make sure to set up a proper setting with your hair conditions. Instead of using styling machines for wavy or curly hair, users may consider natural ways, including braiding, headband, hair rollers with detailed instructions on the Internet for more information. 

It is high time for us to finish our blog! In the next episode, I hope you guys share your experience with wholesale hair extensions clip in, also the use of this hairstyle to boost your hair look! 

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