Scam hair vendors: How to become a Wise Consumer!

 Scam hair vendors: How to become a Wise Consumer!

Along with the growth of the hair, the industry is the negative intentions from Scammers- scam hair vendors to be exact. Users are likely to be satisfied with the thriving hair industry as they always respond to their needs at a reasonable price. However, buying hair from this market on virtual sites also raises certain concerns about this problem. What is a real hair vendor, whether scam hair vendors or not? To gradually bring peace of mind to trade human hair in bulk, this writing is willing to answer all the questions about Scam hair vendors with recommended solutions!

Scam hair vendors- what users need to prevent

Scam hair vendors- a pressing issue in the hair market!

Scam hair vendors seem to be the fear of buyers, for both novices and hair shopaholics on the Internet. The first thing to need is to clarify the definition of Scam hair vendors with the best details.

Pressing issues from online scammers
Scam hair vendors- a pressing issue for users

What are Scam hair vendors?

  • This definition belongs to the hair industry, when traders steal the money of customers without supplying the hair products as ordered.
  • Instead of making their efforts to build up reputable hair suppliers for buyers, Scam hair vendors decided to commit fraud. Scam hair vendors  take advantage of the customer’s needs to achieve nefarious purposes.
  • As you can see, the behavior of Scam hair vendors have a negative effect on the hair market, and confuse buyers. With the prevalence of Scam hair vendors, consumers find it difficult to realize the reputable wholesale hair vendors for hair extensions products!
Scam hair vendors- the root of online problems

Why do Scam hair vendors exist?

Are you wondering why Scam hair vendors happen in the hair market? Let us tell you guys!

  • The most understandable reason for the existence of Scam hair vendors may be revenue benefits. We have to admit that the price of  hair extensions is relatively high.
  • Next is the peculiarity of the hair business: not all hair suppliers can manufacture hair extensions by themselves. So, they force imports from other countries. Scam hair vendors exploit this feature to defraud.
  • Thirdly, Scam hair vendors  just wish to earn money without doing anything.
  • Last but not least, the soaring demand of customers for hair goods may be the perfect chance for Scam hair vendors.
Some reasons for the existence of Scam hair vendors

How to realize Scam hair vendors?

In spite of the prudence of Scam hair vendors, it is feasible to discover the signs of Scam hair vendors when they want to order hair from trustworthy hair suppliers. Let’s check them out for some useful information as below:

No websites and social sites from Scam hair vendors

That’s totally true for businesses when they have to build up official websites or social platforms, which is a great way to absorb the preference of users. In contrast, this trait doesn’t apply to Scam hair vendors when they just operate on virtual sites, not any verified websites to supply the information for clients. That’s why people will struggle to track the origin of Scam hair vendors. This is the first and foremost sign for Scam hair vendors.

Scam-hair-vendors-5- np-verification
Scam hair vendors don’t hair their brand

Scam hair vendors: no business registration

If K- hair factory Vietnam- one of wholesale hair products distributors in this field has registered and verified in many countries, such as Nigeria or America, Scam hair vendors are unlicensed. Scam hair vendors are operating on behalf of a ghost hair vendor!

Scam hair vendors don’t register a business license

Scam hair vendors just aim to money

Of course, it will take time to consult the hair extensions to users and persuade them to order, right? Scam hair vendors tend to aim for the budget, instead of giving the suggestion and for their circumstances. Besides, Scam hair vendors always rush buyers to transfer without detailed information about their orders!

Scam hair vendors rush users to pay the orders

Scam hair vendors: little expertise about hair products

Because Scam hair vendors are not experts in the hair area, they are absolutely lacking professional knowledge. Probably, Scam hair vendors can be confused and angry with the questions about hair extensions. Let’s always bear in mind!

Scam hair vendors lack hair knowledge

Some tips to avoid  Scam hair vendors?

After having must-know information about Scam hair vendors, with the following tips, users can be confident to get away from Scam hair vendors.

Look for the information to prevent Scam hair vendors?

When users intend to order hair extensions from a hair vendor, don’t forget to make sure they are reputable in the hair market with a range of crystal clear evidence. Below are two effective ways for verifying the real of hair vendors or Scam hair vendors:

Official information is a way to avoid Scam hair vendors

 Consider the information of Scam hair vendors?

As previously said, an official website of hair suppliers is considered evidence, rather than Scam hair vendors. Of course, Scam hair vendors don’t build websites or social platforms. Thanks to this feature, users can easily realize Scam hair vendors when they are about to purchase hair extensions.

An official website Scam hair vendors don’t have

Consider the feedback of customers of Scam hair vendors?

While customers get their reviews and feedback about hair extensions on the real hair vendor, Scam hair vendors just update the positive reviews to attract users. Admittedly, it never happens when hair suppliers can meet all the requirements of customers. Thus, displaying all good reviews from Scam hair vendors is actually fake.

Consider the feedbacks to avoid Scam hair vendors

Making a comparison of the prices of Scam hair vendors vs verified hair vendors

In the hair market, there are multiple price levels for hair extensions products due to quality and length factors, and so on. That’s why users need to compare the price offered by Scam hair vendors. As we know, Scam hair vendors often use genuine images of hair from other large and famous vendors to deceive buyers with an effective cost. The cost of Scam hair vendors seems to be overcharged towards the ones in the hair market. Keep in mind that Scam hair vendors can be found anywhere!

The price difference of Scam hair vendors vs real hair vendor

Asking for a video call from Scam hair vendors.

Normally, customer services from verified hair vendors make a video call to talk about the customer’s orders. This can be about the concerns of price, shipping payment, the image of hair products, or something like that. Besides, video calls for customers are a persuasive factor to get the belief of buyers. That’s why when Scam hair vendors show their hesitancy to do that, they are likely frauds. Refusing to pick up a phone call of Scam hair vendors express the truth behinds!

Scam hair vendors tend to refuse Video Call

Customer policies of Scam hair vendors

Make sure online hair vendors have a refund and return policies for customers. This is the right of users for hair products. For the main purpose of revenue, what Scam hair vendors are interested in is they can get the money from buyers, not everything users can get.

Naming top 5 prestigious hair vendors, instead of Scam hair vendors

Aside from the concerns of Scam hair vendors, the top 5 respectable hair vendors on a global scale are mentioned here to get rid of the worries about Scam hair vendors:

K- hair brand- a reputed hair brand in Vietnam

Entering the hair market for many years, K- hair is no longer a brand in the hair market with a great reputation. The business activities of K- hair step by step have been thriving thanks to largely transparent business strategies towards consumers. Contrastly Scam hair vendors, the customers become the core mission for sustainable development in the million industry!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Private label extensions with many years of experience in the USA

From 2017 until now, under the leadership of Mr. Pawan Kumar, who is a talented and experienced mentor of this USA hair vendor. According to its guideline, the dedication, combined with responsibility for sustainable goals that Private label extension is pursuing, bring the best values for customers. With these clear strategies, whether Private label extensions become Scam hair vendors, this is total No.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:

London Virgin Hair – a perfect choice to avoid Scam hair vendors from UK

A hair vendor that customers can take into consideration as its corporation with a range of salons and retailers in the UK and outside. The name of this UK brand shows its mission for the hair business, which caters to the customers to become more gorgeous and vibrant. Coming with London Virgin Hair, users can totally believe that this is not one of Scam hair vendors!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @LdnVirginHair

Russian Hair from Russia help you say no with Scam hair vendors

I have to confirm that, this Russian hair isn’t Scam hair vendors with a range of official and verified on its website. Becoming one of the leading hair suppliers in Russia, Russian hair has always tried hard to bring the best content for users for a long-term goal since the former establishment- in 2004. Plus, delivery hair extensions to 32 countries globally.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Hotline: 353 1429 5688
  • Email:

RM Indian Hair- a reliable hair vendor of India

RM Indian Hair was established in 2017, which is superior in quality and manufacture according to the latest fashion and trend. This Indian hair factory is a client-oriented organization so we mainly focus on the satisfaction of the clients completely. They believe in transparent and honest business activities that’s why they are amongst the most prestigious companies in the market. Do you believe that RM Indian Hair isn’t the Scam hair vendor?


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Mobile: 91 638 147 6445
  • Email:

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