Indian hair factory: An excellent market to buy hair with a large number!

 Indian hair factory: An excellent market to buy hair with a large number!

In terms of the number of hair extensions in the hair market, Indian hair factory may be the top 1. You are looking for a hair vendor, which meets some requirements: multiple hairstyles to choose from, the price fits their budget, etc, this blog is totally for you. Particularly, reading this writing enables one to have a deeper understanding of Indian hair factory, or even for newbies who are about to enter the hair market. Let’s get started!

Indian hair factory- top best factories in the global market

The secrets of Indian hair factory users need to know.

Indian hair factory have gained popularity to their advantage. Though, not everyone can understand how Indian hair factory operates and behind economic values. Finding fantastic things here with us:

What are Indian hair factory?

  • Indian hair factory are made from Indian women’s hair that has been cut or collected. Indian hair is regarded as the black gold of one of the most lucrative industries in the country.
  • In India, the hair industry has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to find work. Due to a lack of funds for hair maintenance, Indian hair factory have a strong black strength but lack shine due to the usage of chemicals; natural products only strengthen hair.
The definition of Indian hair factory
  • Indian hair factory are either Remy hair, which is cut directly from human hair, or non-Remy hair, which is derived from Indian temples or villages in rural areas.
  • Virgin, remy and non- remy are hair products Indian hair factory are offering on the hair market. While virgin is the type one of hair with a premium quality and highest price among others for Wholesale human hair wig vendors, Remy hair is collected from at least two people with the quality is nearly as high as virgin, and Non- remy- the inferior hair quality from different textures and different people.
The main hairstyle of  Indian hair factory

The features of Indian hair factory

There are several features of hair from Indian hair factory, which are useful for users to figure out before ordering hair products from this hair factory.

The main traits of Indian hair factory

  • Indian hair factory come in a wide range of styles and are always readily accessible in big quantities. We never have to worry about running out of Indian hair because of the country’s enormous population.
  • The natural dark brown of Indian hair extensions bring complements for African women, along with Wholesale Hair Vendors in Nigeria.
  • The native source of Indian hair factory is often straight with a natural wavy style, so when you buy straight hair, the quality may not meet your expectations.
  • Indian hair factory can be curled in a variety of ways and only be dyed in low-tone colors like brown, deep brown, and black…
  • The lifespan of Indian hair extensions is only a few months. Although the hair appears to be lustrous, it will become tough and tangled after a few washes and eventually fall out.
Some main traits of Indian hair factory

The grades of Indian hair factory

Similarly Vietnamese or Chinese Hair Factory, Indian hair factory are separated into the following grades as below:

  • 6A or 7A grades: the cheapest, thinnest hair thickness, with the fewest amount of equal-length hairs.
  • 8A, 9A: these grades are slightly higher than 6A, 7A.
  • 10A, 11A: this is the hair thickness with the most nearly equal number of hair lengths and the most expensive.
The grades of Indian hair factory

Remember that the hair grade refers to the thickness of the bundles, not the actual quality of the hair.

What things users need to consider about Indian hair factory

  • As mentioned earlier, Indian hair factory is not suitable for those who have high criteria for quality factor because of their inconsistent quality.
  • Generally, hair products of Indian hair factory have a limited lifespan, compared to the one of neighboring hair factories, such as Vietnam or China.
  • Due to revenue purposes, the scamming issue has become rampant, which has a negative impact on the hair market, also raising the concerns of buyers here.
  • Takes time to order hair from Indian hair factory. Because of the inability to source hair, the customers of Indian hair factory have to wait a certain time to get their orders.
Something needs to know about Indian hair factory

Some common concerns of customers about Indian hair factory. 

The customers always ask a range of questions when it comes to any factory, including Indian hair factory. We are suggesting some things that customers need to take into consideration before ordering hair extensions from Indian hair factory or becoming the new factories!

Should I become a hair vendor as Indian hair factory?

Doing business is a way of promoting revenue and creating sustainable values for both enterprises and customers. The surging hair factory, besides Wholesale hair vendors from India, is attributed to this issue, with multiple of persuasive reasons to start up from the hair market:

  • With the advantages of itself with the abundance of temple hair, novices to enter this market can guarantee the input materials for the needs of clients!
The rich of temple hair for newbies as Indian hair factory
  • The density of population from India is a plus point to build up hair factories, like Indian hair factory, which is bringing many jobs for Indian women, also guaranteeing the production schedule.
The crowd people of India to become Indian hair factory
  • The endless people of demand for this potential market: women always pursue beauty values to become confident and independent. The hair extensions products are supporting them to do that.
The demand for the beauty of women is plausible to become Indian hair factory

How to distinguish Scam when ordering hair from Indian hair factory

To avoid ordering low-quality hair products from Indian hair factory, it is highly recommended to differentiate between the real factory and fraud one. In this part, our content will give you a hand:

  • The first sign is no website, no contact information, no fan page of a fake Indian hair factory.
  • The fraud Indian hair factory isn’t willing to call video when asked for.
  • There is not any image for hair products and factory on the fake Indian hair factory.
  • The fraud Indian hair factory with bad customer services and just focuses on the money of customers.
  • Instead of giving the information, they just require customers to transfer as quickly as possible.
Something we need to avoid Scam from Indian hair factory

How to import hair from Indian hair factory.

Below are the detailed steps for buyers to import hair goods from Indian hair factory:

  • First and foremost thing is to ensure buyers have enough budget for this trading from Indian hair factory.
  • Next, searching for reputed Indian hair factory based on the knowledge, the feedback of customers, the rate and the popularity on social sites.
  • Contact the chosen Indian hair factory to negotiate about some related things: the price, the hairstyle, shipping, payment, policies, etc.
  • Confirm your order with the representative and get some notes during contraction. Be prudent!

How to find reliable Indian hair factory. 

Because of pressing issues, customers should raise their awareness of information about Indian hair factory to order the best excellent quality hair products at a reasonable price and avoid loss. Here is some advice for you:

Where to find a reliable Indian hair factory?
  • Looking for Indian hair factory on Google: it is a trustworthy source to grasp the useful information, as well as to check the verification of Indian hair factory.
  • Choosing ecommerce platforms for ordering hair goods of Indian hair factory or best virgin hair vendors on aliexpress : there are three main and prestigious e- commerce sites that can get the belief of users: Amazon, Alibaba, and Aliexpress. With the feedback and the rate of previous customers, you can make a sound decision!
  • Getting the advice from consultants: they are who have experience in this field or purchasing hair for many times.

The leading of 5 Indian hair factory  

Are you wondering about the list of top 5 priorities of Indian hair factory for users to consult? Let us tell you in this section. Don’t forget to pay attention to all of them for the best details:

Mithu Brothers

Mithu Brothers are the Indian hair factory, as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and suppliers to boost hair consumption and bulk sales to customers. This Indian hair factory is famous for sophisticated machines and cutting-edge technologies during manufacturing to always pledge to deliver hair extensions on time for its prestigious and professional manner.


Contact information:

  • Mobile: 91 9664264844
  • Whatsapp: 91966624844
  • Email:

Indian Mermaid Hair Factory

Becoming one of the oldest Indian hair factory of human and Indian hair extensions, this hair brand can cooperate with renowned hair partners over the world and promote hair consumption with remarkable achievements. Raw hair is the dominant hair of this Indian hair factory with trendy hairstyles, like closures, frontals, full lace wigs, blonde hair, etc. The dedication of Indian Mermaid Hair Factory will get the belief of users for its thriving!


Contact information:

  • Mobile: 44 7703 468739
  • Whatsapp: 1 (845) 393 1711
  • Email:

RM Indian Hair

Set up in 2007, RM Indian Hair Factory is considered the superior in this million industry as always up to date the fashion trend to build up suitable business strategies during operation. Its hair products are highly appreciated by their uniqueness and prominent quality, as consumers.


Contact information:

  • Mobile: 91 638 147 6445
  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: 91 9555 331300
  • Email:

India Hair International

Indian Hair International may be one of the largest Indian hair factory with many years of experience in this market. Besides Indian scale, this hair factory also expands its range to the United States with the finest hair warehouse. Their premium hair products are available to buyers, salons, retailers, and so on. This Indian hair factory exports hair all over the world with a collection of machine weft, hand weft, frontals, closures, and so on.


Contact information:

  • Mobile: 888 571 4247
  • Website:
  • Email:

Adorable Hair Suppliers

When it comes to Indian hair factory, Adorable is no longer a hair brand to hair lovers. This factory is working with the best raw human hair distributors with its professionals. Consumers and their needs become the core mission in this Indian hair factory to get the attraction of clients all over the world. The right guideline seems to be the motivation for the growth of Adorable Hair Suppliers for such a long time.


Contact information:

  • Mobile: 91 9500080579
  • Website:
  • Email:

Producing hair extensions from Indian hair factory

Honestly, the technology of Indian hair factory still remains limited, due to the unstable society, and also education aspects. To help users to understand the process of manufacturing hair extensions, some steps are mentioned here:

Figure out the production process of Indian hair factory
  • Step 1 : Getting hair source from hair suppliers or native temple hair.
  • Step 2 : Exposure hair under the sunlight for drying.
  • Step 3 : Sorting and eliminating the hair source
  • Step 4 : Hair washing without chemicals
  • Step 5 : Drying hair in the sunce once more.
  • Step 6: Hair is hacked and braided into hair bundles.
  • Step 7: Hair bundles are used to make hair extensions, and braided hair.

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