Human hair in bulk: Tips for becoming a known name hair supplier!

 Human hair in bulk: Tips for becoming a known name hair supplier!

We have to admit that the effect of human hair- the premium origin of hair source for wholesale human hair wigs vendors, compared to synthetic or fiber. That is explaining the boom of human hair in bulk for such a long time because of lucrative revenues. However, there are not many people who have a deeper understanding of this area to maximize their benefits and mark the breakthrough in the hair industry. In this writing, we are having basic knowledge of human hair in bulk to give you a hand. Don’t forget to check it out!

Human hair in bulk to maximize the revenues

Answers all the questions of customers about human hair in bulk!

The first thing to do is to clarify overall information about human hair in bulk to avoid confusion for customers and the surprising truth behind:

What is the definition of human hair?

  • Human hair is an excellent hair source, which is totally collected from people from 18 to 25 for the best conditions.
  • In Vietnam, the country which is rich in real hair, is supplying this hair source for many partners on the global scale, such as European or African markets.
  • Human hair is protected with a daily healthy meal, combined with the mild climate and proper hair care. For native Vietnamese women, their hair is one of the worthy assets to care for.
  • When the origin of hair source is guaranteed, hair extensions products are surely flawless.
Human hair for human hair in bulk

Why do we call human hair in bulk?  

Are you wondering why traders in the hair market call human hair in bulk? This is totally different from trading on a limited scale. Human hair in bulk reflects the large consumption of traders to distribute to salons or resellers, rather than aiming directly to the consumers. Human hair in bulk business activities require a professional process through signing a contract and negotiating about the price, delivery, and so on between two sides.

Why do we call human hair in bulk?

 How to identify buying human hair in bulk?

There are some certain signs to realize clients are buying human hair in bulk:

  • At least  10kg orders: In reality, for retailers, customers tend to use the term “bundles” for their order with a small number of hair products. For the larger consumption, weight will be the currency for traders to import hair. One bundle must generally weigh 100 gram and that 10 kg is made up of 100 hair bundles.
  • Require price of human hair in bulk: Of course, the price will be different between human hair in bulk or Peruvian human hair wigs with a huge amount. Buyers can combine different hairstyles in an order for their purposes. The price is counted according to each and every single hairstyles!
How to identify human hair in bulk?

Tips and some cautions for ordering human hair in bulk

Entering the new markets always needs to take into consideration, for human hair in bulk, this is totally true to avoid losing money. Some tips and cautions for human hair in bulk will be mentioned in this part:

Tips for ordering human hair in bulk

Some useful following tips are actually for you to achieve a good profit as much as possible:

Tips for human hair in bulk

Clarifying  the highest quality of hair vendors for human hair in bulk

To check out the quality of hair vendors with human hair in bulk, we could depend on three main criteria: the original hair source, the technology, and the production process as well. Thus, buyers need to have knowledge about the official information to get ready for human hair in bulk.

Clarifying the quality to order human hair in bulk

Looking up  the reasonable prices to buy human hair in bulk

There are a lot of price levels from wholesale hair extensions with a range of hairstyles. If buyers order human hair in bulk from Vietnam hair suppliers, the price is a little bit different with African hair vendors, or on E-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba, Aliexpress,.. Identifying your demand to import human hair in bulk with reasonable prices.

Looking up  the reasonable prices to buy human hair in bulk

Some cautions for ordering human hair in bulk?

Obviously, there are always potent risks for doing something. Therefore, we pay attention to some cautions before ordering human hair in bulk online, particularly in the complicated context at this time!

SCAM- a leading issue for human hair in bulk

Scam is no longer strange to hair shopaholics on virtual platforms. Scam poses a threat to customers, in terms of physical and financial. What buyers need to do is to have a deeper understanding about this pressing issue to be more prudent. Some typical signs of a scam are as below:

  • Their offers from scammers are too good to be true: For example, scammers can suggest amazing human hair in bulk with a dirty cheap. Whereas, the price of human hair in bulk is determined on many multiple criteria to be worthy with the effort of the labor force.
  • Always rush buyers to pay money: Instead of focusing on the wishes of buyers, scammers often rush to pay money as soon as possible. This is a recognizable sign for buyers!
  • Avoid phone or video call: To check out the verification, making a video call is absolutely an effective way.
Scam- a pressing issue has to avoid

The unknown origin of human hair in bulk

That’s true to say the hair market is considered potential to make a fortune, which has both benefits and drawbacks. Besides the pros, the risk of unknown origin to buy human hair in bulk seems to become a problem. Some hair vendors can supply fake hair on behalf of human hair. This fraud has a negative impact on the development of the hair industry, and also consumer psychology.

The concerns of unknown origin from human hair in bulk

The customer policies of human hain in bulk

For the habits of online consumption, users can be afraid of their rights to buy human hair in bulk, in particular, hair extensions products generally. Some problems buyers can face may be delivery policies, payment policies or refund policies, and so on. Before ordering human hair in bulk, make sure to clarify these factors with traders. 

Customers worry about policies before ordering human hair in bulk

Where is the best place to buy human hair in bulk?  

With a large number of hair vendors around the world, buying human hair in bulk becomes easier and effortless than ever. However, we need to think about which is the best market for human hair in bulk, which can guarantee the quality and price criteria as well:

Vietnam- the top 1 hair vendor for human hair in bulk

We have mentioned a known name Vietnam- for an abundance of human hair source, particularly catering for wholesale, like human hair in bulk. Top 3 prestigious hair vendors to import human hair in bulk are highly recommended as below:

K- hair Vietnam human hair in bulk

Vietnam always takes pride in itself with the ability to supply human hair in bulk for overseas partners. K- hair Vietnam, under the leadership of CEO- Mr. Daniel, K- hair has taken its advantages to approach the advanced technology for human hair extensions products. Because of no mediatary factor, K- hair always pledges to provide hair at reasonable prices for traders to purchase human hair in bulk for long-term development as mutual benefits.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

VQ hair factory human hair in bulk

Besides, VQ hair factory is definitely a good pick with human hair in bulk. With more than 15 years of experience, this Vietnamese hair supplier always makes sure to bring the highest quality for human hair in bulk to build up strong relationships with partners. “Quality is always top 1 on the list of priorities” becomes the slogan of VQ. Thus, traders can buy human hair in bulk in the hair market!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +84 962 318 090

Sunny hair human hair in bulk

If you are about to purchase human hair in bulk, this choice is totally worth it as one of the leading hair vendors for women. From human hair, Sunny is supplying a range of different and trendy hairstyles, such as wigs, weft hair with many textures and both for human hair in bulk. Let’s check out the following information for the best details.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp:+84 988 767 599

African market- a potential to import human hair in bulk

Along with the Vietnamese hair market, African also became a potential market for human hair in bulk, including Peruvian hair wholesale in South Africa. 3 reputed hair vendors from Africa for customers to buy human hair in bulk.

Hot- human hair in bulk

Hair fashion is one of the focuses of Hot from the former establishment. Step by step, Hot affirms itself on the hair market with other competitors. Exporting consumption human hair in bulk makes a huge difference towards the growth of this African hair vendor!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tell: 011 484 0564
  • Whatsapp: 0725 188 129

Raw Hair  human hair in bulk

The brand name disclosed the hair source for the selection of hair vendors, for those who are planning to buy human hair in bulk. All hair from Raw hair always gets the international benchmark and gets the satisfaction of users as well. Don’t hesitate to make a contact with Raw hair to negotiate a bargain deal for human hair in bulk. 


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp:+84982971092

Hair city human hair in bulk

For the higher demands of hair extensions products as a way of boosting the appearance, traders tend to buy human hair in bulk from Hair City as a way to meet the beauty needs of women. The price is likely reasonable, combined with the good quality, Hair City is a famous name in the field of human hair in bulk. The contact details are offered as belows:


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: 060 966 4986
  • Tel: 011 462 7365

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