How to import hair from Vietnam with the inside- information!

 How to import hair from Vietnam with the inside- information!

Vietnam is always proud of itself for supplying abundant hair sources for many international and domestic hair vendors. The question is how to import hair from Vietnam to always get assured about the quality and quantities? The issue seems to become the first and foremost thing of newbies, who are entering the hair market. To answer all the concerns, this writing will provide a range of useful information, as well as detailed steps to import hair from Vietnam.

How to import hair from Vietnam to enter the hair market?

All things about: How to import hair from Vietnam? 

Many hair suppliers cooperate with Vietnam for importing hair sources for numerous reasons, rather than China, Indian Hair Factory, or Malaysia.. Thus, let’s figure out the outstanding traits to import hair from Vietnam firstly:

How to import hair from Vietnam- the definition

If India is supplying temple hair with a large consumption for budget customers, the hair source of Vietnam is entirely 100% human hair, particularly native women. The top priority of Vietnam hair suppliers is quality, thus,  Vietnam is absolutely a good pick to import hair for business because of its flawless features.

The flawless hair source from Vietnam to import

How to import hair from Vietnam- must-know information

Do you wonder why importing hair from Vietnam has the ability to dye, bleach, and restyle many times? Which factors make a huge difference in Vietnamese hair, compared to other competitors? Some following reasons are mentioned to persuade readers:

  • Hair source from Vietnam to import is 100% human hair: The hair source of Vietnam stems from native women, who are living in mountainous and rural areas mostly, from 18 to 25. The hair source from native women at this period is always the best conditions for hair extensions products. The hair here is suitable to produce hair extension of a wide range of length, from short ones like 8-inch hair extensions, medium ones like 16-inch straight hair extensions or even the long ones like 32-inch hair extensions, etc.
The hair source of Vietnam to import hair
  • The mild climate makes conditions favorable for Vietnamese hair: The environment, also climate have a great impact on the quality of hair source. Accordingly, the native women’s hair tends to be exposed to daily sunlight and not so harsh, the hair strands are straight, thick, flowing and shiny.
The factors affecting the hair in Vietnam to import is a mild climate
  • Daily hair care to make hair strong, thick and shiny: In addition, the women always pay attention to hair care from natural elements, such as seed grapefruits, lemongrass, locust, and other herbs. Along with the perfect textures, proper hair care plays a vital role for the top- notch quality of hair source.
Natural hair care for the top premium quality to import hair from Vietnam
  • Say “no” with chemical process: This factor is imbued with Vietnamese national identity as always preserving the traditional values. Thus, the hair of native women has never been processed and remains intact.
Say no with the chemical process of hair from Vietnam to import

 How to import hair from Vietnam with different types

According to international standards, three main kinds of hair sources are highly recommended: virgin hair, remy hair, and non- remy hair.

  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair belongs to human hair, which is gathered by only donors, to guarantee the perfect cuticle alignment. In reality, qualified virgin hair has never been in contact with a process or chemical previously, therefore, virgin hair is the number one hair source always sought- after in the hair market.
How to import hair from Vietnam- virgin hair
  • Remy hair: Of course, remy hair is also human hair, collected from at least two donors with the same cuticle alignment to ensure the good quality. Besides virgin hair, Remy is also a worthy choice to dye with dark color tones for customers.
How to import hair from Vietnam- remy hair
  • Non- remy hair: Honestly, non- remy hair is still human hair, though it is inferior, compared to virgin and remy hair because of the mix of different status. As such, the hair strands are mixed up all together and become unappreciated and get tangled with a short- term duration. Vietnam and Wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta refuses to supply non- remy hair to guarantee the quality criteria.
Non- remy hair source with the bad quality

Importing hair from Vietnam, traders need to have a deeper understanding of three kinds of hair sources to make sound decisions. In the hair market online, some hair vendors tend to mix low-quality hair for different hairstyles. That’s why buyers are good at distinguishing the quality source to say no with “synthetic” or fraud.

How to import hair from Vietnam?

Building up a detailed plan for importing hair from Vietnam is essential to avoid the risks and traps. Through the research in a professional manner, customers can feel confident to decide the best suitable products to the tastes of consumers in verified hair vendors for sustainable development.

How to import hair from Vietnam- choosing the right products?

Besides mentioned- above hair sources, grades, or popular hairstyles are also considered before importing hair from Vietnam. Let’s check it out:

Grades of hair to import hair from Vietnam

There are three main types of grades:

How to import hair from Vietnam with different grades
  • Single drawn: this grade is estimated approximately 50 to 60% of the hair strands are at the same length, while the remainder are shorter.
  • Double drawn: this grade is estimated approximately 60 to 70% of the hair strands are at the same length, while the remainder are shorter.
  • Super double drawn: this grade is estimated approximately 70 to 80% of the hair strands are at the same length, while the remainder are shorter.

Isn’t it true that no one likes short hair? Certainly not your clients. Too much short hair makes the bundles look artificial and ruffles the closures or frontals, making it difficult to protect them. Single-drawn hair is the cheapest since it has the shortest hair strands, followed by double-drawn hair, and finally super double-drawn hair.

Knowing your desire to own the most full-bodied hair at the most accessible prices, K-Hair Factory (Vietnam’s largest hair factory) provides individuals looking to import Vietnam hair with the most affordable hair, with hair that is full from the top to the tip, even in single drawn bundles.

Trendy hairstyles to import hair from Vietnam

One of the factors determining the growth of Vietnamese hair suppliers is trendy factors. That means Vietnam tends to keep pace with the trend of the hair market to supply a range of different hairstyles. This trait gets the attraction of overseas partners to import hair from Vietnam:

  • Straight hair: another name for natural hair which has straight and black features and allows you to style and dye it to any desired form and color tones. This hairstyles become prevalent for those who prefer simple styles and traditional. This hairstyle is also a perfect choice to apply many hair styling tips such as how to style curtain bangs, how to create messy buns or so on.
How to import straight hair from Vietnam
  • Kinky and pixier: Kinky Curl is a popular type of Vietnam Weft Hair Extensions and for women who have always wished for naturally coiled hair. These are extremely soft, dense, and fluffy, with a curl pattern similar to that of a pencil. They are lightweight and may be carried for long periods of time in spite of  their density.
How to import kinky and pixie hair from Vietnam
  • Curly and wavy: Curly and wavy hair is another sort of Vietnam Weft Hair Extensions that not only hides your hair problems but also defines your look. These hairstyles are ideal for any diva who wants to enhance her appearance. The hair in question is available in a variety of sizes, is lice-free, non-irritating, and itchy, simple to use.
How to import curly and wavy hair from Vietnam
  • Bone straight hair: one of the most popular hairstyles of all time is bone straight hair. Isn’t it the ideal silkiness and glossiness that everyone adores? Furthermore, several bones that have been colored with brilliant colors straight after are sure to set your customers on fire.
How to import bone straight hair from Vietnam

How to import hair from Vietnam- choosing the reputed hair vendors?

Finishing the right products with meaningful and practical suggestions, buyers need to be aware of reputed hair suppliers to import hair from Vietnam as traits below:

Official social sites

One of the former steps to embark on building up social platforms, such as websites, fan pages, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, youtube, and so on. The purpose is to take advantage of technology to absorb the customers, combined with getting the client’s belief. Besides, users can access the latest information about products or policies, vouchers and don’t be worried about fraud- a pressing issue in the hair market online.

How to import  hair from Vietnam with verified hair brands

Verified testimonials

It finds it difficult and complicated to build up a reputation in the hair market. Vietnam always takes time to be known as a destination to import from, also gaining testimonials in this field. Particularly, wholesale hair products distributors that have to be a  Verified Company Registration Document is unquestionably a dependable and trustworthy hair vendor for importing Vietnamese hair, as this document verifies the hair vendor’s legitimacy and strong verification by the trading government agency.

How to import  hair from Vietnam with testimonials

 Customer policies

Importing hair from Vietnam will have multiple benefits for buyers. We are offering shipping, payment policies. 

Because of various partners, importing hair from Vietnam will apply for each and every single partner with the best convenience. For example, for payment policies, a range of payment methods are offered as import hair from Vietnam: Western Union (preferred), Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Pay via money agent (in Nigeria and Russia).

Customer policies to import hair from Vietnam

Or shipping policies, if buyers come from wholesale hair vendors from Nigeria, using a South agent is absolutely reasonable with the certain fee levels. Otherwise, express shipping DHL and UPS are also recommended.

How to import hair from Vietnam: benefits and drawbacks?

Whether buyers are about to import hair from Vietnam or from any hair suppliers, they tend to be unrest about both the pros and cons of the hair vendors. All the answers are here for importing hair from Vietnam:

Which are the pros to importing hair from Vietnam?

  • The abundance of quality hair sources: As previously said, Vietnam is rich in hair source which is in the best condition of native women. Yearly, the large consumption of global and local hair vendors makes a great contribution to the revenues for Vietnamese hair vendors. Are you ready to import hair from Vietnam?
  • The variety of hair styles: The update in the hair market is one of the centred- factor that hair suppliers are applying to import hair from Vietnam. Due to the changeable world, it is required to always renew ourselves to respond to the different tastes of users worldwide!
  • The versatile shipping and payment methods: because the objective to import hair from Vietnam comes from all over the world, Vietnam hair distributors  have to offer a wide range of shipping and payment methods for the best suitable and save money.
  • The professional customer services: From the former establishment, besides quality products, labor force are highly recommended in Vietnam hair vendors. They are always devoted, caring and giving the best suggestions for customers to import hair from Vietnam.
How to import hair from Vietnam- some benefits

Which are the cons to importing hair from Vietnam?

Aside from the excellent benefits to import hair from Vietnam, there also remain a couple of problems that need to be considered. Follow us:

  • The higher costs to import hair from Vietnam: Following  international benchmarks in terms of hair market leads to a higher price to import hair from Vietnam. On the other hand, we also believe that price plays a vital role, but quality products are more important than ever.
  • A little bit time- consuming to import hair from Vietnam: mass production is not the strength of Vietnam wholesale hair vendors, so buyers are forced to wait for their orders for a certain time. If you can wait for a top- notch quality, waiting for several days is also worthy, right?
How to import hair from Vietnam- a minority cons

After all, importing hair from Vietnam is still a beneficial choice to all hair customers and hair sellers in the market. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Here is more information about Vietnamese hair factory for you to consider:

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