Compare lace closure and lace frontal: All things you should know about!

 Compare lace closure and lace frontal: All things you should know about!

In the hair market, lace closure and lace frontal are deemed perfect selections combined with different hairstyles, including wigs, weaves, hair extensions, etc, and make a great contribution to your style. However, if you are going to invest in a fantastic hairstyle, make sure you have a deeper understanding to compare lace closure and lace frontal to make sound decisions for your beauty. Let’s get into the details right now.

Compare lace closure and lace frontal: common knowledge

The definition to compare lace closure and lace frontal

The definition of the two types of hairstyle will be revealed here for the best convenience to compare lace closure and lace frontal.

What is lace closure? The pros and cons?

A lace closure is a hairpiece with a lace base for the hair strands which are attached in the center. It’s possible to use either beige lace film or normal brown lace for this lace base. The shape of spare or rectangle is the most popular for lace closure due to the harmonious design. Lace closures, which cover all of your hair and have a lace base that resembles the scalp, may create a natural hairline and function as a protective style for your hair. Thanks to that, lace closure is definitely an ideal selection for the shortcomings of your hair. Of course, this trait is also similar to lace closure offered by K- hair reviews.

All things about to compare lace closure

There are some special pros of lace closure that may surprise you :

  • Little maintenance: Hair care for lace closure becomes its strength, compared to other hairstyles. Washing, conditioning, styling is whatever users need to do.
  • Long duration: Due to its no- heat application and material, lace closure can live up to several months. To increase the lifetime of lace closure, you can put your efforts into daily proper hair care.
  • Protection ability: Wearing a lace closure allows you to approach  a variety of styles and colors without having a negative impact on your hair and scalp as well.

Along with the above advantage, we need to take into consideration the following cons of lace closure as useful suggestions:

  • Don’t always work: If you are not aware of your head size, you may face an improper lace closure.
  • Allow your hair to grow out: Your hair will grow together with your wig or weave over time if you wear a sew-in lace closure weave or wig.

What is lace frontal? The pros and cons?

Sew-in or bonded lace frontal hairpieces are available. Lace frontals give your wigs and hair extensions a more natural appearance. They’re usually 4 inches long and 13 inches wide, and they span your hairline from ear to ear. Its versatility lets you experiment with natural-looking hairstyles such as center parts, side parts, and ponytails.

Lace frontal is a partial wig that is combined with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair and spans from ear to ear. Lace frontal is absolutely helpful for those who are suffering from traction alopecia or thinning margins.

Lace frontal is in fact similar to lace closure, except for the fact that frontals are bigger than closures. Both the items are produced in hair factory. The quality of the lace, hair and the wholesale product in general will depend on the quality of the hair factory you choose. Choosing a top hair factory is always recommended as this will give you a variety of benefits in quality, price and delivery, etc.

The pros of lace frontal:

  • Speed installation: Application lace frontals is a hassle- free process with about less than an hour.
  • Styling ability: One of the most appealing points of wearing a lace frontal is versatile hairstyling ability. Lace frontals give you a natural hairline, letting you to arrange your hair any way you like as if you are wearing your own hair.
  • Create comfort: For extreme weather, users can experience uncomfort from hairstyle. This is not true for the lace frontal because of its light and airy, which creates a steady flow of air to your scalp and hair.
All things about lace frontal

The cons of lace frontal:

  • Damage hairline: The longer your lace frontals are installed on your hair, the more likely they feel your skin and badly damage your hairline or break off your edges.
  • Require proper hair care frequently: Lace frontal wigs require a lot of effort when first installed to obtain the natural look. Wearing lace frontal extensions often requires weekly maintenance of how to take care of wig and upkeep in order to attain better performance with a more natural appearance.

The criteria to compare lace closure and lace frontal?

To compare lace closure and lace frontal, we base on some main aspects for the best comprehensive content.


The criteria to compare lace closure and lace frontal: Material

Closures and frontals are frequently made of lace or silk to compare lace closure and lace frontal in terms of material. When viewed up close, silk base closures and frontals resemble a scalp; nevertheless, lace-based closures and frontals are preferred since the material lies flatter against the head and blends in better. This enables lace users to create a natural-looking scalp that is a perfect match for their own hair.


To compare lace closure and lace frontal, the first and foremost criterion is the size. While lace closures often come to 4 by 4 inches in size, the lace frontals are usually 13×4 inches. One more thing, a lace frontal, on the other hand, will run from ear to ear which is beneficial for additional coverage and allows you to separate your hair anywhere, giving you more styling options. 

The criteria to compare lace closure and lace frontal: Size


Closures are used to reproduce the natural parting of the hairline whereas frontals are used to recreate the hairline from ear to ear when it comes to compare lace closure and lace frontal.

The criteria to compare lace closure and lace frontal: Versatility

Frontals, on the other hand, are often supposed to be glued in place for style versatility, though expert stylists can sew a lace frontal under the hairline using invisible threading.


Both closures and frontals can be sewed into a wig from scratch. They can then be sewn along the edges or used as a removable wig with the support of a band and hair gel.

The criteria to compare lace closure and lace frontal: Installation

The next difference to compare lace closure and lace frontal is the position application. Lace closures tend to be installed thanks to sewing skills, while users use glue to attach lace frontals. Besides, both closure and lace frontal can be worn in front or behind the hairline, and lace frontals are more typically applied in front of the hairline than lace closure because of their connected nature.


The price to compare lace closure and lace frontal is not the same. Lace frontals are significantly more costly than lace closures, about $30. Many consumers tend to complain that lace frontals are too expensive, but they have to admit the benefits of lace frontals and the possible savings. On the other hand, there are some differences in the cost for how to import hair from Vietnam, particularly lace closure or lace frontal. Let’s try out and share your feedback with Vietnamese hair vendors!

With our practical content, we hope to bring useful advice for those who need to compare lace closure and lace frontal before purchasing for your hair! If you are also wondering which type of closures, frontals or even hair extensions to buy, our advice is that please choose human hair extensions instead of synthetic ones as human hair extensions have the most outstanding benefits ever:

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