Chinese Hair Factory: The Dynamic Market with Huge Potential!

 Chinese Hair Factory: The Dynamic Market with Huge Potential!

When it comes to the hair market, the Chinese hair factory is no longer a strange brand for a variety of luxurious hair products. Along with the upcoming challenges for hair suppliers on a global scale, Chinese hair factory as well as a range of other hair vendors in Vietnam, like K- hair is always striving for responding to current and future needs. This has spurred Chinese hair factory all the time for the best things for customers! To clarify about Chinese hair factory, in terms of hair products or even business activities, all information will be revealed in this writing! For those, who are about to trade human hair in bulk from Chinese Hair Factory, this blog is absolutely useful!

Chinese hair factory- a potential market for hair products

The all-important information about Chinese Hair Factory

The first thing to say, Chinese hair factory brings multiple fascinating things that have never come out. Don’t forget to check out the applicable knowledge for those who intend to become long-lasting partnership!

Must-know information about Chinese hair factory for readers

Which hair products are Chinese Hair Factories supplying?

Undeniably, various factors are likely one of the most first and foremost ones for doing business, this hair area is not an exception. That’s why Chinese hair factory is supplying an array of hair extensions products for the flexible demands with a large consumption on a yearly basis:

  • Hair extensions tape-in from Chinese hair factory: With the pivotal purpose for thickening and lengthening the volume of real hair, tape-in goods from Chinese hair factory are always sought- after for any age. Using specific tape for application is also a plus point for the consumption of this hairstyle of Chinese hair factory.
  • Hair extensions Clip-in from Chinese hair factory: Besides tape-in for hair volume improvement, clip-in hair products from Chinese hair factory is also a fancy choice for users. Chinese hair factory is always well-placed to take advantage of its advantage for customer satisfaction. This hairstyle is crystal clear for the right guidelines of Chinese hair factory.
Hair extensions clip- in vs tape- in of Chinese hair factory
  • Hair extensions Wigs from Chinese hair factory: Wigs are a top-choice for covering a bald spot, for those who are facing losing hair due to physical conditions or health problems. For manufacturing a wig, it takes such a long time to provide a temporary solution for users like wigs.
Wigs- an amazing solution for bald people from Chinese Hair Factory
  • Hair extension U- tip from Chinese hair factory: U- tip from Chinese hair factory, which includes a tiny number of hair strands are held together by wrapping that looks like a nail. With the peculiar application, U- tip hair extensions from the Chinese also bring variety in the hair markets for buyers!
Hair extension U- tip from Chinese hair factory for users

The origin of hair products from Chinese Hair Factory?

Are you curious about where the hair products of Chinese Hair Factory come from? If so, don’t forget to pay attention to the following content!

Chinese Hair Factory makes use of the native Chinese Hair Factory

In the history of China, the hair source of native women at the Chinese Hair Factory is used which is thin. slightly weak, black color. These certain characteristics are due to the human body Chinese, also the greasy diet, plus the cold climate to retain heat. This feature is completely different from Indian Hair Factory or African hair in hot countries.

The native hair source of Chinese Hair Factory

Because of urbanization and globalization, we have to admit that there is a decline in hair sources from native women in this country. As such, the advanced technology of Chinese Hair Factory always launches excellent hair products for users!

Chinese Hair Factory tends to import from other countries

Because of urbanization and globalization, we have to admit that there is a decline in hair sources from the native women in this country. Chinese Hair Factory tends to import the input materials from neighboring countries.

Chinese Hair Factory import hair from other countries

10 years ago, Vietnam was the vital market for Chinese Hair Factory to collect hair sources thanks to the abundance of Vietnamese native hair. Nowadays, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia have become the main partners of Chinese Hair Factory for hair extensions products!

The benefits of buying hair from Chinese Hair Factory

With large scale production, users will get numerous on-hand benefits for ordering hair extensions from Chinese Hair Factory:

  • Hair goods are always in stock: Of course, in this field, if a hair vendor’s operation is limited, users will take time to order hair extensions and then ship them. For Chinese Hair Factory, this situation does not exist.
Hair products of Chinese Hair Factory tend to be available
  • Variety of shipping methods: Located in the Southern Asian countries, Chinese Hair Factory takes advantage of delivering goods to customers with a range of shipping channels; even if you are living in Africa or South Europe, or anywhere, Chinese Hair Factory is willing to cater the customers!
Chinese Hair Factory offers a range of shipping channels
  • Different price changes for every customer’s objects: To respond to the diversified customer segments, Chinese Hair Factory build up business strategies to produce a wide range of hair products which are equivalent to the price. Accordingly, it is also a plus point when they find it difficult to focus on luxurious goods!
Examples of Price from Chinese Hair Factory

Top 5 outstanding Chinese Hair Factory in the hair market!

Nowadays, with the blooming technology, approaching hair extensions products to choose from is hassle-free for buyers! We are offering the list of 5 leading Chinese Hair Factory in the hair market for both newbies and professionals!

Honest Hair Factory

Founded in 2008, Honest Hair Factory operates its business in a professional manner in the field of human hair extensions. Particularly, it owns a factory that supplies good hair products all the time. This Chinese Hair Factory covers an area of 15000 square meters with over 600 workers, which exports a large number of hair exporters.


Contact information:

  • Facebook: Honesthairfactory
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +86136660299577

Leis Hair

Having a remarkable slogan when getting its website: “ Always more Charismatic and Attractive”, Leis Hair is getting the attraction of customers with a long-term mission for women. That is the reason this Chinese Hair Factory has built its reputation on a commitment to supplying products and services on hair extensions products, which creates the latest fashion hairstyle for this area!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +8613922259446
  • Skype: elaine04060

KaBeiLu Hair

KBL is one of the most excellent Chinese Hair Factory with more than a decade of experience. KBL always highly values hair output to customers and bear in mind the quality factor. During operation, KBL pledges to create real customer values for those who are in need of full, thick, and flowing hair to gain a long-term look, confidence for a better life!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Customer: 86-13822134241

Baco Hair

Baco Hair is a Chinese Hair Factory supplying hair bundles, lace closures, lace frontals, and lace wigs. All your hair extensions products always stick to the best quality human virgin hair to the clients. Besides, Baco Hair also takes pride in itself with more than 20 years of experience in the hair industry with fantastic customer policies for users! 


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Hotline:1 520 356 0587
  • Instagram: wholesalehairvendor

Rosa Beauty Hair

According to this Chinese Hair Factory, Rosa beauty is committed to turning women into being confident and vibrant. Following the guideline “ help you to create a more colorful life”, Rosabeauty is doing well during operation. This proves with the partnership of Rosa with the USA, Europe, and Africa market. Rosa is trying best to maintain the hair in its original state for the best duration!


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 (661) 523-2376
  • Instagram: rosabeautyhair

Some useful facts about Chinese Hair Factory

To give you the essential information for looking for a reliable Chinese Hair Factory, some truths will be disclosed in this part!

The common price of Chinese Hair Factory

For any hair products, the price of hair products from  Chinese Hair Factory is due to several factors. For instance, users will have to pay a certain price to pay for hairstyles in the physical stores. This can be a little bit because of their rent and employees’ cost. On the other hand, there are some cases, buyers can save some dollars when applying for a voucher from a hair vendor for special occasions, like Christmas. Otherwise, customers will pay shipping fees for their hair extensions products. Let’s bear in mind the wise selection!

The common prices from Chinese Hair Factory

The market main distribution of Chinese Hair Factory

One of the determining factors for the success of Chinese Hair Factory may be the huge networking distribution for consumption:

The global partner of Chinese Hair Factory

For such a long time, Chinese Hair Factory has become a potential partner of African countries. Due to the peculiarity of the African market, Chinese Hair Factory can meet the requirements for their demands because of an affordable price in a variety of different choices. Plus, the availability of hair products also makes a great contribution to the belief in Chinese Hair Factory.

Chinese Hair Factory corporate global partners

Besides African, the European market also has a corporate Chinese Hair Factory for importing hair goods for Chinese Hair Factory. On a yearly basis, the revenues from global partners bring a large revenue for the Chinese Hair Factory.

The e-commerce platforms of Chinese Hair Factory

As you can see, Chinese is one of the pioneer nations in terms of information technology. That is the reason Chinese Hair Factory can provide a broad range of different hair extensions goods for e-commerce platforms, such as Ali Express, Alibaba, or even Amazon. This cooperation makes it convenient for users. Whatever buyers need is to search for “ Chinese Hair Factory” on these e-commerce sites to look for their desired demands.

Buying hair extensions products of  Chinese Hair Factory on e-commerce

Following the following steps for ordering hair goods on Chinese Hair Factory:

  • Step 1: Looking for desired needs of customers for every hair product hairstyles from wholesale virgin hair vendors in China, such as hair extensions tape- in, human hair extensions microbead, or something like that.
  • Step 2: Choosing the hair, in terms of length, grade, weight, color tone.
  • Step 3: Going to a reputed wholesale hair vendor based on the feedback of customers and the top ranking.
  • Step 4: Put the picked hair products in the basket and carry on to pay through cards you have.

The difference between Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory

As users, they tend to make a comparison between Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory. Below is the list of things we need to take into consideration:

The hair source input of Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory

There isn’t a lot of common in hair source input between Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory. If Chinese Hair Factory currently imports input materials from neighboring counties, Vietnamese hair factory makes use of the hair source from the native women. Fortunately, Vietnam is famous for the prosperity of human hair, which is collected from women from 18 to 40. They are those who are living in the mountainous areas and absolutely care for the quality of their hair. As a consequence, Vietnamese Hair Factory seems to be an aspiration of other partners in the million industry.

The hair source of Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Factory

The price hair products of Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory

According to hair experts, the price of hair extensions products is based on the original source, the manufacturing process mostly. That’s why the cost of hair goods from Vietnam tend to be more affordable than Chinese Hair Factory. There are no additional fees from the middleman and still guarantee the quality criteria from partners!

The affordable cost of Vietnamese Hair Factory compared to Chinese Hair Factory

The operation methods of Chinese Hair Factory and Vietnamese Hair Factory

It is due to different demands, having a deeper understanding about the origin of hair, along with related information to purchase the most suitable hairstyle within their budget!

The scale of Vietnamese Hair Factory, compared to Chinese Hair Factory

As mentioned- above, regardless of technology, Chinese Hair Factory is likely superior. This element totally applies to operations in almost all Chinese Hair Factory. In contrast, Vietnamese Hair Factory has expanded its range and combined with the master’s labor force to create top-notch hair extensions products!

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