Wholesale hair extensions: All the truths will be disclosed!

 Wholesale hair extensions: All the truths will be disclosed!

The prosperity of any field is determined by the demands and consumption of customers. Undoubtedly, the development of Wholesale hair extensions is always on the rise in the modern world. People tend to improve their hair shortcomings into artificial hair products. As such, Wholesale hair extensions are of paramount importance boosting their appearance to become more confident! In this writing, a detailed explanation is mentioned with the facts users need to know!

Wholesale hair extensions- a solution to enhance the look

Providing the overall information about Wholesale hair extensions?

Wholesale hair extensions are no longer strange to users, yet, not everyone has a deeper understanding of them. Follow us to find out all things about them.

Which hair products Wholesale hair extensions are supplying?

In a changeable world, updating Wholesale hair extensions to keep pace with the needs of customers is highly vital. For Wholesale hair extensions, the hairstyles are divided into categories for convenience. Let’s bear in mind this classification to choose the best suitable hairstyle for your appearance!

A range of Wholesale hair extensions hairstyles

Hair extensions virgin, remy, non remy

According to quality, in this industry, virgin, remy, and non- remy are the main types of Wholesale hair extensions. Of course, there are a lot of differences between the three kinds, in terms of origin, texture, and duration as well:

  • Virgin hair from Wholesale hair extensions: Virgin hair belongs to human hair, which is collected from the only person. Virgin hair from Wholesale hair extensions tends to outweigh remy or non- remy as the cuticle alignments, which have the same direction, are totally fresh and intact. Due to unprocessed, virgin hair from best virgin hair vendors on Ali Express or other platforms is the top best quality with an expensive price in the hair market.
Virgin hair from Wholesale hair extensions for users
  • Remy hair from Wholesale hair extensions: Remy hair is also from human hair. This hair source is gathered from at least 2 people, so it is difficult to guarantee the high uniformity. By and large, remy hair is also a worthy choice with a medium price, just not as good as virgin hair. Remy hair from Wholesale hair extensions also makes a great contribution to the development yearly.
Remy hair from Wholesale hair extensions for users
  • Non- remy from Wholesale hair extensions: Compared to virgin and remy, non- remy is inferior the most. Non- remy is the result of mixing different hair from people with different hair conditions. The combination of non- remy worsens the quality of hair products, that’s why Wholesale hair extensions in US refuse to supply this type!
Non- remy hair source from wholesale hair extensions

Wholesale hair extensions hairstyles

With the hair source of virgin and remy, Wholesale hair extensions are well placed to produce a wide variety of hairstyles for daily consumption. Besides 4 best- selling items, Wholesale hair extensions also take charge of other types, such as microbead, halo, microring, sew-in, and etc.

  • Weft hair from Wholesale hair extensions: Weft hair is produced with the support of a weft machine. Weft can be understood as a long line used to attach to the real hair for improving the hair volume. High certainty is a plus point of weft hair from Wholesale hair extensions.
Weft hair extensions items from Wholesale hair extensions
  • Tape- in from Wholesale hair extensions: Tape-in is considered one of the trendy items in the variety of hair markets in Europe or America where people want temporary or semi- temporary hair for volume.
  • Clip- in from Wholesale hair extensions: Clip in is the best choice for a natural and flowing hair applied to the real hair using specific clip. Thus, users can easily put on and also remove on a daily basis.
Tape- in vs Clip- in  from Wholesale hair extensions
  • Ponytail from Wholesale hair extensions: Ponytail is known as a dynamic beauty to become more attractive and dynamic. The application process is hassle free, with just sticking on the user’s hair.
  • Wigs from Wholesale hair extensions: Due to physical conditions or health problems, some people can be bald. Wigs from wholesale hair extensions are here to help them cover the full head with wigs.
Ponytail hairstyles vs Wigs from wholesale hair extensions
  • Closure/ frontal from Wholesale hair extensions: Both closure and frontal both have a piece of Swiss lace sewed into the wig’s foundation with hair extensions. The normal size of this hairstyle from wholesale hair extensions is 4* 4 and 13*4. For Peruvian human hair wigs, this hairstyle is dominating the hair market with their advatages.
 Closure/ frontal from wholesale hair extensions

Why do people need hair extensions?

Having healthy and flowing hair becomes a desire of anyone, particularly women. Hair is not only evidence of well-balanced health, but it also makes a great contribution to appearance. There are several reasons for the worse quality of hair, such as genetic factors, daily diet or even chemicals, etc. In case, if users don’t have a natural desired hair, they tend to utilize the artificial from wholesale hair extensions for beauty improvement. This trait is also considered the core mission of wholesale hair extensions since the former establishment.

People need to be more gorgeous with hair from wholesale hair extensions

Some tips in using hair extensions products

Besides the quality origin of wholesale hair extensions, having proper care will make a huge difference for hair extensions productions in use. So how to lengthen the lifespan of hair items? All the questions are here.

How to double the duration of  hair from Wholesale hair extensions

Washing moderately

As wholesale hair extensions, washing hair will remove the dust for the bald of customers and keep them looking natural and shiny. Instead of washing hair every and making hair extensions become dry and tangled, once or twice a week is a good idea.

Washing hair from wholesale hair extensions moderately

Using specialized shampoo and conditioners

Choosing products are sulfate-free with natural nutrients, mild detergents to guarantee hydration and say no with dryness. If users need more details about the types of the best products for hair, they can search them on social sites.

Using specialized shampoo and conditioners for hair from wholesale hair extensions

Drying and Brushing properly

After users wash and condition their hair, naturally drying is highly recommended, rather than using blow- dryer. If so, set this till in the lowest condition to prevent brokerage. Besides, using the wide-tooth comb to brush hair extensions gently will give customers a flowing and natural look.

Drying the right way and Brushing gently for hair from wholesale hair extensions

Whether hair from Wholesale hair extensions is harmful or not?

It is not true to say the negative effect of hair from wholesale hair extensions. This just happens to the low-quality hair purchased from disreputable wholesale hair extensions in the hair market.

On the other hand, applying hair products from wholesale hair extensions will bring a numerous number of benefits to users:

  • Hair extensions are shiny and healthy as a good pick for beauty.
  • Wholesale hair extensions are supplying hair to fill in the hair flaws of customers.
  • As wholesale hair extensions, users can dye, curl or bleach without worrying about the damage of real hair.
  • Almost all hair extensions hairstyles are hassle – free to apply, thus suit for both newbies and hair shopaholics.
The answers for the harmful or not of hair from wholesale hair extensions

Top 5 global Wholesale hair extensions

As soon as deciding the most suitable hairstyles, users probably wonder which is the best place to order hair products at an affordable price. All the answers are here with the top 5 reputed wholesale hair extensions on a global scale.

UK Wholesale hair extensions


The UK market is famous for the booming technology to apply for hair extensions products. Due to a limited hair source, UK wholesale hair extensions tend to export hair input from Asian countries: India, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the largest number from Vietnamese Hair Factory.

USA Wholesale hair extension


There is a common difference between the UK the USA wholesale hair extensions are that they have to import hair sources from Asian regions with a restricted number of hair factories. The Americans seem to be strict and highly- required, that is why wholesale hair extensions in the USA always focus on customer service quality.

Vietnam Wholesale hair extensions


Thanks to the abundance of native hair sources, combined with the devoted customer services, Vietnam wholesale hair extensions can take pride in themselves with the remarkable achievement in this million industry. Plus, hair vendors here have the ability to cooperate with a range of overseas partners, like European, Nigerian, Cambodian markets, etc.

China Wholesale hair extensions


China is the top 1 hair brand in terms of quantity with a huge scale. With mass production, combined with the hair source imported from other countries, the producing number is always the highest, yet the quality criteria are not secured. Besides, China wholesale hair extensions also supply hair extensions at a cheap price level. The price can be vital for users, the quality is even the top priority before ordering any hair products!

India Wholesale hair extensions


Compared to mentioned- above market, India wholesale hair extensions are supplying the lowest price with artificial products. Along with the bargain price, the duration of hair from Indian temple hair is relatively short. For those with limited budgets, who also wish to improve their look, wholesale hair extensions in India are still a good choice!

Should I start a Wholesale hair extensions business from scratch?

Admittedly, there is nothing as lucrative as growing wholesale hair extensions. The proof is that the number of wholesale hair extensions is on the rise all the time. For newbies, entering the hair market will take time and effort. We have suggested some must-do steps for start-ups as wholesale hair vendors in this part!

How to do a business as Wholesale hair extensions.

How to do a business as Wholesale hair extensions?
  • Step 1: Choosing a memorable brand name and registering your business with the proper state and local agencies.
  • Step 2: Building your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness through social platforms.
  • Step 3: Find reputed wholesale hair extensions and negotiate the policies and articles with them.
  • Step 4: Identifying the strategic business and your business mission as wholesale hair extensions and labor force factors,
  • Step 5: Importing the items and starting a business selling hair extensions. It is recommended that you acquire common products in a medium number the first time.

How to import hair products from Wholesale hair extensions.

A large number of wholesale hair extensions may be confusing to choose a respectable hair vendor. Let’s look at some expert advice on how to become a professional trader while you are just getting started:

The procedures for importing hair products from Wholesale hair extensions
  • Finding a reliable supplier is the first stage to enter the hair business. So, we are offering some signs to show trustable wholesale hair extensions: verified website and fan page, feedback from customers, customer policies.
  • Finding the list of the following products to purchase, considers some criteria, such as the types, grades, length, color, etc.
  • Contact the company’s manager to set up a meeting and sign the contract.
  • Pay the bill for your hair extensions: you can choose to deposit and pay after receiving the goods or even making a full payment. Let’s bear in mind the payment policy to avoid unexpected problems.

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