Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 1 prestigious partner of global hair vendors!

 Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 1 prestigious partner of global hair vendors!

For years, the prosperity of the hair business in Vietnam has developed to a new high in the future. The remarkable achievements proved the continuous efforts of Vietnamese Hair Factory, not only for revenues but for the nation’s values. For the purpose of responding to the higher demand of customers, Vietnamese Hair Factory is forced to strive for the promotion of this potential field. In this writing, readers can grasp the applicable information about Vietnamese Hair Factory. The following content enables novices who are wondering for reasons how to import hair from Vietnam, rather than any hair vendors!

The convincing reasons for choosing Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese Hair Factory with useful contents

Vietnamese Hair Factory is considered a promising market with a range of persuasive reasons for the choice of customers as below:

The different ranges of hair extensions products from Vietnamese Hair Factory

Along with advanced development is the growing demands of customers. This is also a motivation for the latest hair extensions products that are born with a variety of styles and models. Let’s figure out some trendy hairstyles from Vietnamese Hair Factory:

  • Hair extensions 24 inch from Vietnamese Hair Factory: According to Vietnamese currency, 24 inch is equivalent to 60 cm, which seems to become the standard for the hair of women. It is easy to understand why 24 inch hair extensions are a trendy hairstyle of Vietnamese Hair Factory. If you are looking for a benchmark beauty, this is a worthy choice to try!
24-inch hairstyle- a trendy one of Vietnamese Hair Factory
  • Hair extensions blonde from Vietnamese Hair Factory: hair extensions blonde is a complicated item, which is the most difficult tone to make for users. Besides, this hairstyle also requires meticulous maintenance to keep them look natural as much. Thanks to skilled employees, Vietnamese Hair Factory can take pride in itself to supply the top- notch blonde hair in the hair market.
Hair extensions blonde of Vietnamese Hair Factory for users
  • Virgin hair extensions clip in from Vietnamese Hair Factory: For many years, this hairstyle stem from Vietnamese Hair Factory has been the best seller items with a large consumption. Because, virgin from wholesale hair products distributors in Vietnam is always in the best conditions than any, which is gathered by the only donor.
  • Human hair extensions black from Vietnamese Hair Factory: Black color belongs to the top one basic and natural hairstyle of Vietnamese Hair Factory. Plus, this tone color is also interesting to international customers with an easy haircare and long duration.
Human hair extensions black from Vietnamese Hair Factory

They are just typical hair products, plus, Vietnamese Hair Factory also produces numerous hairstyles, such as hair extensions weft, hair microbead, lace frontal/ closure, hair extension u- tip, i- tip, and so on.

The quality hair products of Vietnamese Hair Factory

Also located in the Southern Asian region, besides Vietnamese Hair Factory, other hair markets in this area have been promoted step by step. For clients to have a better understanding of Vietnamese Hair Factory, compared to some factories in Asia, some comparisons are made in this part:

  • The hair source: Vietnamese Hair Factory tends to utilize the healthy source hair for a range of hair extensions products to launch the market, from totally human hair.
  • The quality: Vietnamese Hair Factory always pledges to supply the hair source with the highest quality from the cuticles alignment, which is strong, shiny and in the best conditions. The duration of hairstyles from Vietnamese Hair Factory can be up to 5 to 10 years.
  • The price levels: with the cost of $8.6, users can possess hair extensions products from Vietnamese Hair Factory without worrying about the prices.

The quality hair products of Vietnamese Hair Factory

Comparison hair source of Vietnamese Hair Factory vs Chinese Hair Factory

  • The hair source: Besides using the native source with a limited number, Chinese Hair Factory also import from other countries, like India, Cambodian hair wholesale hair vendors, Malaysia, even from Vietnamese Hair Factory.
  • The quality: Due to the variety of imported hair source, the hair of Chinese Hair Factory can be mixed with synthetic hair to guarantee the quantity. This may lead to shedding and tangling several times.
  • The price levels: With the relatively cheap cost, from $7,9 per bundle, in some cases, buyers can face the trouble with unsatisfied hair products.
Vietnamese Hair Factory versus Chinese Hair Factory

Comparison hair source of Vietnamese Hair Factory vs Indian Hair Factor

  • The hair source: India is famous for the large number of temple hair, which is a complex source from numerous donors
  • The quality: With the blend origin hair, there is no cuticle factor of hair extensions products, that is the reason, the durations of them just around 1 to 3 years.
  • The price levels: Indian Hair Factory is offering $6.7 for each bundle. The cost is lower than Chinese Hair Factory or Vietnamese Hair Factory.
Vietnamese Hair Factory versus Indian Hair Factory

 The detailed steps of importing Vietnamese Hair Factory

Ordering any hair extensions products from Vietnamese Hair FactoryVietnamese Hair Factory isn’t a problem for users with the support of technology and useful steps here!

The shipping and payment of Vietnamese Hair Factory


Normally, Vietnamese Hair Factory divides shipment into some areas which are suitable for shipping to customers:

  • For African countries: Nigeria- one of the main partners of the Vietnamese Hair Factory for many years, there is cargo shipping in the South. The fee levels are applied to any agent area, such as $8/ kg from the office to the agent, or $11.5/ kg from the agent in Ho Chi Minh city to Nigeria and pay when receiving hair. If you are wholesale hair vendors in Ghana, you will not have to be worry about fee issues.
  • For other African countries, Vietnamese Hair Factory will send hair to Chinese agents. The fee from Vietnam to China will be $11/ kg including the fee of invoice. In case, Vietnamese Hair Factory delivers hair products from China to African destinations, the fee will depend on the country.
  • Besides, Vietnamese Hair Factory also use express shipping DHL- the higher cost for countries whose zone is from 7-10  and UPS with cheaper cost with countries from zone 1-6.
Shipping methods of Vietnamese Hair Factory


  • The first and foremost rule of Vietnamese Hair Factory: only when the money has successfully been available in the account will the customer’s orders be processed.
  • Proof of payment for any transactions is required and reviewed before orders are supposed to be shipped.
  • Vietnamese Hair Factory accepts some methods of payments, such as Western Union- preferred Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Pay via money agent ( in Nigeria and Russia).
Payment methods of Vietnamese Hair Factory

The price levels of hair products of Vietnamese Hair Factory

Prices are determined based on factors: grade, texture, length, color, quality, types. Of course, in Vietnamese Hair Factory, each type has its own price table. The more length, the higher the price. Total price is calculated for all textures ( straight, bone straight, curly, kinky..) + length (cm/ inch)+ grade ( super/ double/ singly) +color ( color palette).

The different price levels of hair products of Vietnamese Hair Factory

Following the steps to trade with Vietnamese Hair Factory

As soon as make a decision to corporate with Vietnamese Hair Factory, users need to take the below steps to have more detailed information:

  • Make a list of the following products to purchase: make a thorough note of the types, grades, color, and quality.. This is the vital process to choose the right hairstyle without wasting money.
  • Making contact with Vietnamese Hair Factory through websites or company’s management. They can provide the necessary information before ordering.
  • Pay the bill and receive the goods after shipping time: Some cases, customers can choose to deposit 50% to 70% instead of making fullment. For some unexpected reasons, buyers should check on  the detailed information about the hair production, aslo shipping procedure.
Follow steps to import hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

The dominant partners of Vietnamese Hair Factory in the hair market

During operation in the hair market, the market plays a vital role in the thriving Vietnamese Hair Factory with two partners: the Africa market and the European market.

Vietnamese Hair Factory- the African market

Honestly, becoming a potential partner of the African stems from the demands of people here. Due to the native hair traits: short, curly, and tangled, the African generally, the Nigerian particularly, becomes the loyal customers of Vietnamese Hair Factory. They are in need of hair products for both personal and social purposes in their daily life.

The African market for hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

For the sustainable development of this promising market, the Vietnamese Hair Factory also creates favorable conditions for the African people, in terms of shipping and payment policies with specific methods.

When Christmas is coming, Vietnamese Hair Factory, of which, K- hair also make their efforts to charity campaigns for some remote places in Africa. In the future, the partnership of Vietnamese Hair Factory with Africa will be promoted further.

Vietnamese Hair Factory- the European market

Besides Africa, the European market also makes a huge difference in business revenues for Vietnamese Hair Factory. While the Africans are fond of bone straight, natural straight or deep wavy, etc, the European people are truly interested in bright color tones for dying or bleaching.

The European market for hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

As you can see, for each region and demand, Vietnamese Hair Factory builds up distinctive business activities to enter the right market for supplying hair extensions products.

Who are the prestigious  Vietnamese Hair Factory?

One of the concerns from customers is that Where is to buy hair vendors from Vietnamese Hair Factory with an array of different hair vendors. All the answers are here!

K- hair- Quality is King

When it comes to Vietnamese Hair Factory, K- hair is considered a ‘hot ‘brand” for a range of trendy hair items, and also the reputation for a verified source of hair to customers. “ Quality is King” is the slogan that this Vietnamese Hair Factory is pursuing during operation.


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000


Ankahair became an outstanding Vietnamese Hair Factory with dozens of highly skillful craftsmen to cater to a large number of consumers in the hair industry. Building up the customer policies, Ankahair gets the belief of users through multiple buyers!


Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Instagram:
  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84 978 988 705

Rawhair Vietnam

Raw hair is a hair vendor belonging to Vietnamese Hair Factory with more than two decades in this field. Raw hair always pays attention to the quality factor, as well as the labor factor to always bring the best satisfaction to users!


Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Rawhairvietnam
  • Whatsapp: +84982971092

Sunny Hair

Sunny Hair entered the Vietnamese Hair Factory in early 2010, is one of the leading companies in the S-shaped country for women. Sunny Hair is continuously improving its vision and ambassador to boost more and more for the top high-ranking exporter in the global hair market.


Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84 988 767 599

Mic Hair Company

A hair brand the buyers can’t miss to order hair extensions products is Mic Hair- a Vietnamese Hair Factory focused on supplying natural raw hair, virgin hair to produce premium hair extensions quality. The content of customers seems to be the core mission this Vietnamese Hair Factory is always looking for.


Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84 962 279 910

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